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Do you want a log of JavaScript (JS) errors on your WordPress website? Although JS errors can be harmless they often cause poor user experiences and are symptoms of bigger problems. And unlike PHP errors that get logged on your server for you to find later JS errors only happen to your visitors and do not get reported. Additionally, some errors only occur after a user has taken certain steps preventing you from debugging the problem. This can lead to a frustrating interaction for your website’s visitors.
This is where the JS Error Log plugin comes to the rescue. This plugin logs every JS error that occurs and stores it in your website’s database for future review and analysis. The plugin features a back-end log viewing page that helps you quickly and easily view and debug errors before they become a hassle to your website’s users. Turn every website visitor into an anonymous troubleshooter!

JS Error Log Plugin Installation

Download the plugin as a .zip file and upload it to your WordPress website. Activate the plugin to start using it.

Plugin Settings

JavaScript errors will automatically be logged as soon as you activate the plugin. However you can configure the settings used by the JS Error Logging plugin to depending on how and how long you wish to store the information.

Plugin Usage

The most important part of the plugin is the log viewer page. This page lists the logged errors and presents as much information as possible about the error to help you debug it. Additionally you may view all occurrences of a specific error if you wish to look for variations between the logged errors.

Version Compatibility

Tested with WordPress v5.3.2. Please notify us of any bugs caused by the plugin. Let us know if there is any way we can improve it for you!

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