Plain Plugins

Useful ~ Secure ~ Simple

Plain Plugins builds the best WordPress plugins for your website. The best plugins have two things in common: they do one thing well and are simple to use. Many plugins, and software in general, advertise all the bells and whistles you didn’t ask for which adds unnecessary complexity. This unnecessary complexity makes the tool frustrating to use and can often lead to security holes in your website. This complex chaos is often masked by beautiful interfaces that hide the ugly grindings underneath.

At Plain Plugins we strive to build plugins that do one thing and do it well. By focusing on only one necessary feature we are able to build incredibly reliable software that is simple and intuitive to use. Plain and simple plugins prioritize your time and website security over the latest snazzy bells and whistles.


Free and premium plugins available for download. Browse our list of custom plugins to find what you need to make your website even better!

Search our troubleshooting articles where we solve various problems your website may be facing. Leave us a message if you find an issue not addressed!